Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Glut of Facebook Traffic

Wow! Since ACRL came and went, the listserv's and message boards have been going crazy with Web 2.0 talk -- in particular, Facebook.com has been getting a lot of buzz. I've received many "friend" requests from librarians around the country -- it's nice to be so connected!

I'd like to talk a little bit about how Facebook.com fits into the reference services I provide here at UM. It's less of an outreach and a 'first-contact' tool than it is another method of communicating with students. While there seem to be some functions of Facebook itself that would lead us to believe it could be useful as outreach, I'm not entirely convinced that it is useful for those purposes. Here are some outreach methods I've seen on Facebook:
  • Sending individual methods through Facebook
This is probably the most effective way of 'first-contact' with students. At ACRL, Shannon Kealey presented a poster on outreach with Facebook. I forget now what the poster's title was, but it described the process of using Facebook Flyers (paid-for advertising banners displayed to users), a Facebook group (opt-in groupings of people that can be mass-messaged), and individual messages sent through Facebook.

Since groups are opt-in, and Facebook does not provide data on how many times a Flyer is clicked, the most important data Shannon presented was the rate of response to her messages. I forget the number, but I think it was in the 20%'s -- that's actually pretty good in my opinion, considering the amount of messaging she did -- she contacted everyone in the NYU network.

Wait? What?!? Everyone in the NYU network? Similarly, Brian Mathews did the same for his engineering student population at Georgia Tech (see Mathews, B. (2006). "Do you Facebook? Networking with students online." C&RL News 67(5). Link requires ALA authentication). Both described the amount of work it took to accomplish this task: a lot! Facebook's junk mail / mass mailing deterrents limit the amount of messages you can send in a period of time, and it will detect when you're sending the same message over and over again.

Both Shannon and Brian provide ways of coping with this: Shannon had three different messages she cut and pasted on a rotating basis to get around the "same message" trigger in Facebook, and Brian limited himself to a small amount per day.

While this outreach method seems to be the most effective, it requires a lot of work on the part of the librarian -- and it requires this task to be done for incoming students each semester (identifying newcomers to Facebook may be difficult).
  • Creating a Library "Group" for students to join.
What's nice about a library "Group" is that you can send a mass message (as long as your group has 1000 members or less -- and if you have more than 1000 members, you're freaking amazing!). This makes it really easy to notify interested students in library activities - so for advertising your resources and events, it's phenomenal.

The problem is initiating first contact -- students must opt-in to the group. You could create a group, then do individual e-mails as described above, inviting students to join the group. The group itself can't be used to do outreach to students, though.

However, with Facebook's news feed, if you can get a few students to join, there might be a landslide of joiners afterwards, thanks to the "network" part of this social networking tool. When a someone sees that their friend joined a group, they, too, may click on and join the group.
  • "Registering" for classes
One promising feature of Facebook is the ability to "register" for classes. You can enroll yourself in a class at the university, and when students peruse the list of facebook profiles enrolled in their courses, they will see you there!

Though it seems like this would be a great way to do outreach (it puts you in a place where students in classes you support will see you), I don't think it's altogether that effective. Some students are very loose when they choose who to "Friend" -- even if they don't know someone, they'll add them as a "Friend." Others are more conservative, and prefer to add only those people they actually know as "Friends." In either case, it's highly unlikely that a student will add you as a friend if they don't know you in person (or at least through e-mail or other modes of communication).

Even the most liberal friend-adders don't add everyone they come across in Facebook, and to be quite honest with you, unless you've already had a chance to interact with these students in a course-integrated instruction session or in other ways, you're just another random face out there in Facebook. If you've been reading this blog, you'll notice I've added the text "COMM STUDIES LIBRARIAN" directly to my picture so student who come across my mug will get an idea of who I am -- still, though, it's little incentive for students to add a librarian as a friend when they don't even know what a librarian does.

Content Matters

If you do start a group, send individual e-mails, or create a profile, put something useful in those spaces. Communicate to students what you do and how you can help them in very practical ways: helping them narrow their paper topics, helping them locate "scholarly" articles, helping them create bibliographies, etc. Tell them WHY they would want to contact you.

I don't recommend making your profile just another portal to library resources -- make sure they know that the purpose of the Facebook account or group is to provide another way of getting help with these resources (not just another way of getting to these resources).

Personality and Willingness to Return

So, how do I do my Facebook? I don't do outreach at all in Facebook itself. Instead, when I go out to teach a course-integrated library session, towards the end, I show them my facebook profile in class and encourage them to add me as a friend or message me with any questions. On any course-specific research guide I create, I make sure there's a link to my Facebook profile along with other means of contacting me (example).

If I'm a bad teacher, and I do poorly in this instruction session, I doubt people will think I'll be more helpful through facebook, e-mail or anything else. So, the best methods of getting students to see Facebook (or any other method, really) as a way of getting help with an assignment is by being a good teacher, by making myself accessible, and by being a welcoming individual when I do get the change to interact with them personally.

The tried and true lessons from the Willingness to Return study (see Durrance, J. (1995). "Factors that influence reference success: what makes questioners willing to return?" Reference Librarian 49/50, pp. 243-65.) apply in these situations as well.

When interacting with patrons over Facebook, any best practices from our history in digital reference in other forms apply as well.

This is my take on Facebook. I'm always scouring blogs and listserv's for more information, and I'm excited to see that there's a new blog devoted to this topic (see Friends: Social Networking Sites for Engaged Library Services), and I'm always changing my opinion on these things. Stay posted!



CogSci Librarian said...
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CogSci Librarian said...

Very thoughtful post. I too took part in the post-ACRL "Facebook Monday" deluge and am finding it lots of fun personally and helpful with my students.

I've just "registered" for two Comm Sci classes I'm teaching this month. Maybe that will drum up a question or two ...

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If you don't hold the area to get an true garden in the ground, it's perfectly satisfactory with an organic garden in containers. There are only a handful of underlying greens like asparagus that won't develop effectively in storage containers, so feel free to check out. Storage containers are fantastic to develop organic and natural tomato plants, eco-friendly legumes, natural onions and several other organic and natural veggies. Compose a list of motives that you would like to give up using tobacco, while keeping them in your budget. Your factors may include your loved ones, dwelling to discover a unique occasion, or whatever you locate purposeful. If you have moments of some weakness, pull out your collection for several reminders of what you are actually functioning towards. Make your photograph subject matter basic. The busier the subject may be the more difficult it really is to record some thing that will be exciting. Keeping the backdrops basic will make it simpler to the eyes to concentrate on the subject you are taking. Retaining it simple appears simple, but many forget to get it done. When growing organic and natural vegetation, you ought to transfer your storage units to your brilliant region instantly on popping. Simply because the seedlings need to have at least 12 hrs of lighting per day in order to effectively develop. Use a green house, a bright and sunny location, or a number of fluorescent lamps. In case you are unsure what colour shoes to utilize with the ensemble you are interested in, you should think about sporting nude pumping systems. These sneakers go along with practically anything you set them. You will also receive the added bonus of which generating your thighs appearance a lot longer and leaner. You now have the data you should coach your pet within a happy, healthier and successful way. Keep your persistence, and your dog will find the job brings numerous advantages. Make sure to utilize all the ideas with sympathy and good sense, in addition to consistency, and you'll do excellent.Technology Running a blog Explained Using Expert Advice To Start

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Take into account employing a legal professional who specializes in private personal bankruptcy. Even though most states enable you to declare bankruptcy with out a legal representative, your circumstance could be disregarded if you don't fill out your forms properly, and you may need to submit further motions to guard your property or release certain outstanding debts. A individual bankruptcy legal professional can help make sure you get the end result you a solution to whenever you file. Even surgical operations done by probably the most skilled aesthetic surgeons have the possibility to have scarring. Well before investing in a procedure, think about the healthiness of your skin and whether or not you are prone to scars. Those that have light and fairer pores and skin are significantly very likely to encounter reddened, welt-like scar issues. Dark-colored skin tones are in danger of building darker, keloidal scarring damage. Be sure to clear out your brushes and combs, and clean them periodically. A great general guideline is usually to clean all of them with soap and water around once per week. This may minimize the quantity of develop that you will get on your hair follicles and you will probably have far healthier hair. Now that you possess a greater notion of the way to alleviate your back discomfort difficulties, with any luck , you now understand how to go ahead and take steps to carrying out simply that. Keep in mind that these details is just a percentage of all that one could learn about treating your back discomfort. Constantly try to find far more stuff you can put on then in fact apply individuals techniques, and you ought to truly feel an improvement in no time.Have Pimples Troubles? Try out The Following Tips Out! Always pick a tooth paste which has scientific evidence to backup its usefulness. For example, a tooth paste including Colgate As well as provides the evidence and also the efficiency for best the teeth and chewing gum well being. It is crucial that all of your current tooth paste choices are proven to lower your perils associated with getting oral sickness. Make sure you're taking note of efforts about search engine optimization when you're seeking video marketing. You need to associate videos to text as very retrieveable substance, and you must do all you can to obtain your video lessons observed. It's a big difference among just building a online video and being aware of all you need to know to market that video.

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If you are looking for sparkling wine for a wedding party or any other festive function, think about glowing wines as an alternative. Dazzling wines are normally from Ca, plus they style comparable to a Wine. They may be usually more affordable, making it simpler to purchase a huge volume for major events. Be honest when filling in your wellbeing insurance plan apps. In the event you placed untrue or misleading facts about the application, it may amount to later. You could find on your own uninsured for the problem or spend rates way beyond the rates you originally signed. It can be beneficial for you to divulge every little thing. To get a spring season picnic, evening hours on the competition path or some other exterior situations throughout seasonable climate, the best option is a dazzling wine. Get your choose of bubbly's just like a nice Asti or Champagne and enhance it with gentle cheeses, new bread and fresh fruits. Be sure you provide flute sunglasses too, to produce the event total. There are actually medicines that are available on the market which are ototoxic. Because of this the medicine is toxic for the man ears. These prescription drugs will problems the inner ear canal. There are actually antibiotics, loop diuretics, radiation treatment agents, and several NSAIDS which may have all been proven to be ototoxic. Sometimes this injury from toxicity can lead to long lasting and irrevocable harm. When appropriately maintained, it is possible to help reduce the unpleasant signs or symptoms that happen to be related to arthritic problems. While there is no cure for the condition, the recommendations in the following paragraphs is certain to offer you comprehension of the numerous alternatives for healing or eliminating the anguish, aches, and pain that is certainly caused by rheumatoid arthritis.Go through These End Heavy snoring Ways To Rest Easy During The Night A lot of people fail to prepare properly to guarantee that they get a better night's sleeping when camping out. The heat difference between the soil and your physique can be quite different, even when the weather conditions are cozy. Be sure you take the correct getting to sleep items to produce your night time comfortable to suit your needs.